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For more than 10 years, Packing 4 Hope has been devoted to making a difference in the lives of foster children.
We provide blankets inside rolling luggage to help brighten their journey while moving from home to home. 
To achieve this at Packing 4 Hope, we currently focus on foster agencies in our city and surrounding areas.

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Why we started...


During high school, my family fostered children in need. At times, we would provide a home of support overnight and sometimes we had the privilege to create bonds with children in foster care for years. It was all very unpredictable. It was heartbreaking to see children go through these journeys, trying to find their place to call home. During these times, there was something that was really bothersome for me. Children arriving with TRASHBAGS. Children would move one home to the next home with trash bags full of clothes, toys, pictures, teddy bears etc.


It broke my heart. Dragging these trash bags from each home seemed like such a heart crushing experience. But most of all, leaving their home and family. I had to change this. I started a charity drive to gather ‘rolling’ luggage. After one, obviously it was not enough. I wanted this as a lifelong commitment for children who enter the foster care system. In 2011, this led me into planning a business name & onto the Non-profit paperwork I went. I couldn't change everything about the situation for these children but I could change this. Packing 4 Hope is committed to provide children with rolling luggage. 

Dec 2023
 Tender Love & Care
64 Pieces of Luggage
 So proud of Megan for doing her first donation!
Thank you to all who donated. 
Dec 2019
New Alternatives FFA
27 Pieces of Luggage
 Thank you to our helpers at Harrah's Casino!
We appreciate your time and effort!
December 2020
Alba Care Services, Inc.
100 Pieces of Luggage
 Thank you to our awesome community who came together to make this happen!
Donated: Blankets, journals, luggage and kitchen items for older youth
Dec 2017
Hannah's Children Homes
27 Pieces of Luggage
Dec 2018
Hugs Foster Agency

47 Pieces of Luggage
Thank You Miles Of Smiles Orthodontists & 
Food 4 Less for all of yours support!

IMG_7721 2.JPG
Dec 2016
Rancho Damacitas 
33 pieces of Luggage Donated 
Dec 2015
Kamalii Foster Agency
70 Pieces of Luggage Donated
Dec 2012
Koinonia Foster Agency
88 Pieces of Luggage Donated
Indiana Dec 2015
Bethany Christian Services 
25 Pieces of Luggage Donated
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